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E STEM Inc. is an open access publication house that is involved in bringing to light, high quality academic papers, research work, and articles in a number of fields related to science and medicine. We offer 22 open access journals that feature thousands of papers and manuscripts submitted to us by researchers and scholars from all over the globe. All of these papers are checked and assessed for quality by our peer review board, and E STEM Inc. only includes high quality articles into its journals, once they have been passed through the peer review process and deemed to offer information and value to the scholarly community.

What is peer review?

Peer review is a well established scholarly practice of getting your manuscript read and analysed by experts in your field. Since E STEM Inc. publishes 22 journals that deal with a variety of subjects and fields, we have created a community of reviewers made up of hundreds of experts from all over the world that read and review all manuscripts that are submitted to us. To make sure that every aspect of your manuscript is put to careful scrutiny, E STEM Inc. assigns the manuscript to multiple reviewers who are each individually asked to provide their view on the paper. A lot of things are considered when reviewing a manuscript. From basics like writing style, grammar, and formatting, to technical errors and issues like plagiarism are addressed. The peer reviewers then provide their feedback which is in turn forwarded to the author of the manuscript. The author is advised to make the required revisions. Once again, upon resubmission, the manuscript is forwarded to peer reviewers, which may or may not be the same reviewers who pointed out the original mistakes. The process is repeated until the manuscript is ready for publishing in our journals. At E STEM Inc. we take the quality of our journals very seriously and make sure that no sub standard work is ever published. Besides upholding the quality standard of all our journals, the peer review process also helps our authors polish their work and make it even better than it originally was. Thus the peer review process used by E STEM Inc. helps the journals, the scholarly community, as well as the authors that become a part of our always growing journals.

Advantages of the peer review system
  • Quality validation by fellow experts serves to increase the legitimacy and credibility of an article, thus ensuring that more people can use the article with the confidence that the content will be of value and profit them.

  • Expert scrutiny ensures that issues like adulterated work and plagiarism are nipped in the bud. When experts review a manuscript, every aspect of quality in a research paper is ensured.

  • Peer reviewers offer their criticism and suggest improvements in the manuscript, thus allowing the authors to improve the quality of their own work, helping them make a better impact in their field of work.

  • Peer review also helps E STEM Inc. select the best manuscripts and ensures that we maintain the high standard of our journals through the continuous addition of high quality articles that have been deemed to be of high quality by a panel of experts

  • Peer review is a well established and globally accepted method of evaluating research papers and academic content. It is free from the influence of the author, since publications assign the papers to several different experts that are often located in different corners of the globe. The peer review group is made up of experts in the field, as well as experts from the fields that share a common area of interest, with the field that the author of the article is working in. These experts are selected based on their experience and reputation in the community, and we are always adding more and more distinguished names to our roster. Our core editorial team for each journal constitutes of researchers and scholar heading up prestigious positions in renowned universities and research organizations. They lend credence to E STEM Inc. and make it possible for us to ensure great benefits to all authors that publish their work with us. E STEM Inc. always attempts to finish the complete process for each manuscript within 6 weeks of submission to our journals, and ensures that our peer review system delivers the best results for the worldwide scholarly community.

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