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E STEM Inc. provides for reprint services which users can take advantage of and get hard copies of the open access articles they are interested in.

In the spirit of keeping our journals open access and free for all, E STEM Inc. does not charge its users any kind of fee for printing the articles that are the part of our journals. To further make it easier for anyone to take a print out or save the article, PDF versions of all documents are made available directly from the article webpage itself, thus making it highly convenient and hassle free to save any articles on E STEM Inc. that you find useful.

The open access nature of the E STEM Inc. platform enables anyone to read and save any articles that are a part of the journals maintained by us. If you do reprint any open access article that you find on E STEM Inc., we advise you to do so without altering the file in any way. Removal of author credits or misrepresentation of any article content can cause you issues with the author of the said article. Furthermore, if you plan to reprint an article in large numbers (100+) then we request that you inform the author of the article regarding this. Optionally, you can also help support the open access journal through some monetary contributions.

For articles that are not part of our open access section, and fall under the commissioned content journals that E STEM Inc. maintains on multiple topics and for several different fields, unrestricted reprint services are not available. The subscription period for an article varies, but during this period E STEM Inc. has exclusive access to the content. In case you need to get a reprint of a subscription only article, you can direct your queries and requests towards

In case you need to use a figure or table that is part of an open access article, you can do so without any payment, or without having to inform E STEM Inc. or the author. We do however require that all such uses follow proper citation formats, and that the original author or owners of the image or table is credited for his or her work.

E STEM Inc. also offers commercial reprint services that can be utilized by anyone who intends to use the printout for commercial purpose. Our commercial reprints charges helps us bring down our expenses, and helps E STEM Inc. offer better services to our authors, who do not always have the resources to fund the publication of their work. You can direct your reprint requests for commercial use at

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